Blue Flower

The tale: A building of 1905 which started as a cafe. The main room included the cistern room, with a cistern preserved until today, used to keep the refreshments cool.

Bloumosifis was the first owner of this place. His name was a nickname coming from the word "Bloumis" meaning dark-skinned and the word "Sifis", his real name. There were periods that the cafe had moments of glory, especially in the 80's, where lot of social events, shows and concerts were taking place in Vamos, and the cafe treated lot of famous artists, who chose Bloumosifi's cafe to have a drink or a glass of wine and rest after a long night of performing.

The tavern: Good moments continued and nowadays Bloumosifi's is a well known traditional tavern which serves typical traditional Cretan cuisine dishes all cooked only with virgin olive oil: snails, broad beans shredded, yellow pea puree, artichoke with broad beans or lamb, cuttlefish with fennel, rooster cooked in wine, local meat cooked in the old traditional stone oven and in the pan (lamb, goat, pork, chicken, rabbit).

There is also a wide variety of Cretan cheeses, bottled wines, and local house wine from local vineyards. For dessert, yogurt with "sweet of the spoon" (pieces of fruit in syrup) is served, made by local producers and fine raki (tsikoudia). You may enjoy your meal under the fine shadow of big plane-trees in the summer or with the reflections of the fire place in the winter, listen to Greek music which is sometimes Live.